Wyldlife Winter Weekend @ Lake Champion

Who is Wyldlife for?

Wyldlife Club is every 6th, 7th and 8th grader.  Wyldlife is for anyone in middle school or jr. high.  Wyldlife is for friends and classmates in your school and in your community. 

Long Beach Wyldlife Club
​What is Wyldlife Club?
Wyldlife Club is a night of safe, crazy fun.  Wyldlife Club is a time for middle school kids to be kids, to laugh and have a great night with friends.  Caring leaders join with kids in games and fun activities, and at the end of the night one leader will share a short message about what they believe about God and life.  Wyldlife is designed for kids of all religous backgrounds to feel welcome and accepted, because Wyldlife is for everyone.  Wyldlife leaders never tell kids what to belive, but they will share with kids their personal beliefs about God and what He means to them.  See Young Life's Statement of Faith.
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Where is Wyldlife Club?
You can find a local Wyldlife Club in the following locations:
  • Long Beach // Point Lookout
  • Stony Brook // Setauket // Port Jeff
  • Hicksville

Young Life Long Island Region | 322 Main St Setauket, NY 11733-3825

Phone: (516) 404-8643

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